New book release "Raising Engineers" - A Guide to Building Stronger Families & Raising Kids to be Happy and Successful- Now available on Amazon

Building Stronger Families

Building Stronger Families

Building Stronger FamiliesBuilding Stronger Families

Now Available on Amazon

how to raise a happy child and build a strong family
how to raise a happy child and build a close family
Raising happy beautiful children and building strong happy families.

"Raising Engineers"

A pathway to raising happy children and building strong happy families


How is it possible for a young boy to face so much tragedy and look into the eyes of evil and still manage to come out on the other side with only scars? How do you carry the scars and go on to spend thirty years building a strong family and raising happy children with extraordinary accomplishments? 

There’s only one answer and it's revealed in my book.

This book will take you on an incredible journey through the struggles of one family and will reveal the truth of every family’s purpose as well as unravel the lies of today’s culture. It’ll inspire you to look at your family like you’ve never seen them before.

"Raising Engineers" will…

-Make you laugh and make you cry but more importantly it’ll inspire you to be the best you can be and bring out the best in your family. 

-Dispel the myth that only certain families can experience the true happiness that we all search for.

-Guide you along the path to bringing your family together and strengthening your bonds to last a lifetime.

-Reveal the vulnerabilities of every family and the dangers that today’s family faces.

-Show you how to raise happy children so they grow to experience the full potential of their unique gifts and talents.

Available now Amazon. Soon on Barnes & noble, Itunes and other retail outlets.

 What nerve I must have to write a book about family, parenting  and raising happy children. This is exactly what my publisher said to me. Well not in so many words but it’s what they were thinking.

That’s what I thought anyway when she started laughing after I told her the type of manuscript I had written. After she was finished trampling on my writing confidence, what little I had left, I went on to give her a teaser of my life’s story. 

Suddenly a moment of silence, then she said, “Send us your manuscript we’d love to read it.” Next thing I knew I had a book.

Let’s face it; there are hundreds or even thousands of books written about parenting and raising a happy child. I can just hear it now from all those child education and Ph.D. types, especially those who’ve never had a child but wrote a book telling everyone else how to do it.

This book is not one of those!

Why? Because none of those authors ever walked a day in my shoes, nor would they ever want to.

So what makes me think that I have anything to say that people would be interested in hearing? Quite frankly I thought everything about my life was normal, or so I thought.

It’s not so much that I did a bang up job writing some short stories or essays in high school and college, according to my instructors. I never really liked writing at the time and still find it difficult.

It certainly wasn’t the fact that when I was born, famous novelist Stephen King was a high school sophomore in a town over from me. How do I know? Well, I’m nowhere near as famous as he is. Actually I’m not famous at all.

So what exactly is it that would compel me to add one more family parenting book on top of the heap of thousands already written?

Did I happen to mention that with all the books already written on parenting and raising happy a child you’d think we would’ve solved that problem by now. What problem? Take a look around. I think you know what I talking about. 

Do you think we can afford as a society to have any more dysfunctional families added to the mess we already have?

Between the techniques, methods, ideas, psychology, and steps to take in all these books, it’s no wonder we live in a dysfunctional family society. Book after book just keeps missing the point.

Sorry…back to what compelled me to write this book.

Through the years I’ve shared with coworkers, friends, and strangers bits and pieces of my life. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen that look on peoples face as I heard them say, “You should write a book.”

I never paid much attention to any of those crazy comments until that particular day.

It was the day I was preparing dinner one evening for my family. My two oldest boys had already begun to carve out their career paths with some extraordinary accomplishments under their belt. Then my youngest boy sitting at the dinner table shared with us that he was going to college to study engineering as well.

While we tried to edge him toward being a doctor, he had no interest.

Then the words of truth came out. “Hey dad, you should write a book.” Suddenly flashbacks of all those voices who uttered similar words came crashing down as if they were making a last ditch effort to convince me.

This is what started that little itch in my head that eventually lead me to write this book. From that day up to the point where I felt I really should do this was a period of about four years.

After all, book ideas need time to percolate to go from a “crazy idea-who wants to read what I have to say” to finally bringing yourself to put words on a blank screen; words that a reader will find interesting.

So if you’re one of those people that thought I should write a book. Here you go. You can finally read more of the stories I shared that made you say, “You should write a book.”

As a bonus you’ll also get to read the most important point that so many books before me completely missed when it comes to finding peace and happiness in our little microcosmic societies we call family.

There, I went and said it. No I don’t think that all those family and parenting books on how to find peace and joy in a loving and strong family no matter your life situation. I just don’t think they got it right. But who am I to say if it’s a great book.

After all, that’s only my opinion and my opinion doesn’t really count.

That can only be determined by the reader. I hope you’ll be one of them.

Available now at Amazon. Soon on Barnes & noble, Itunes and other retail outlets.

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