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I stumbled my way through evil, pain and tragedy for the first twelve years of my walk on this earth.

Adoption, footprints and the grace of God saved my life.

I waded through the murky waters of being a teenager in the shadow of my past and eventually worked my way through college as a jet engine mechanic to earn my bachelor’s degree in business to be the first in my family to earn a degree.

I eventually met the love of my life and I’ve spent more than thirty years thanking her for being by my side on this incredible journey.

My kids have called me Super Dad or Dad of the Year, depending on when and who you ask. Three amazing young engineers they’ve become whom I’ve been blessed to love, raise, coach, encourage, advise and mentor and spend one of the best summers of my life.

If it happens outdoors, I’m all in. Yes, I’m very thankful for growing up just minutes away from the L.L. Bean flagship store in Maine. 

My long time cycling hobby wasn’t grueling enough so one day I decided to enter an eight mile hill climbing race that professional cyclist Tyler Hamilton described as one of the most grueling. Apparently I’m into both physical and mental pain because I entered the race again the following year.

I helped solved the college financial aid conundrum that allowed my boys to attend the most expensive top rated engineering colleges to earn their Engineering Masters and graduate with minimal debt. I know what you’re thinking and I’m far from rich.

Oh, did I mention while we raised three boys and chased them across 4 states playing hockey, soccer and baseball, I’ve been managing a career in sales that has left managers wondering why I rarely if ever lose clients under my management. While also having young sales people thank me for mentoring them and teaching them things they wish someone would’ve taught them sooner.

Now I’m on a new journey and about to publish my first book which I will share with you all the ups and downs of being a first time author.

The big question now is…can I help other families and parents make better decisions that will lead to the same successes I’ve accomplished? I’m about to find out!